Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Test of Photo quality

I desaturated the photos and upped the exposure... the first photo is uploaded at it original size. The last photo is uploaded at 50%...It did get darker. I have noticed that when I upload photos on the blog it gets darker? Go figure. Thanks for the input on uploading Kate....at http://chroniclesofacountrygirl.blogspot.com/


  1. You know, that first shot . . . it's beautiful.

  2. What great photos! And an adorable little boy!

  3. I too have noticed that my photos darken when loaded onto the blog.

    Found your blog link from Crazy As A Loom. Your photography is very nice..... will stop back again sometime!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. Thanks for stopping by Crazy as a Loom. I enjoyed your comment...and I WILL get weaving!!!
    If you want more sock loopers....I have boxes and boxes of colored ones.....
    I loved your photos, and that is curious about the darkening thing......I would also like to know how to fix that.
    I have three daughters, and they thought I was a pain up til they were about 20, then suddenly things changed. I got smarter, and they are my best friends, but always Mom.

  5. OH what i would give to know the tricks of the trade in photography. I guess I will just needt to take a class at the college! ARGH! My little 7.1 Nikon coolpix just doesn't do it I guess. Maybe Santa will be generous this year! You pics are wonderful!

  6. You've taken some great kid pictures lately!!

    I just got back from the beach with my nieces and nephews (and many other assorted in-laws). I tried my hand at kid photography, and it's pretty hard. My usual subjects (my dog, nature and crafts) sit still for me or like to pose. Kids, not so much!!

    I didn't blog any of my kid pictures....I'm don't want people I know in real life to feel worried that they'll appear online if they hang out with me and my camera!!



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