Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brothers and Sisters and Grandparents and Mom

I have been busy with summer and kids which means not posting that much. Even though I have a bunch of pictures that I have taken, furniture that needs to be blogged about I have not sat down long enough to write a post.
I still have a bunch of pictures from our visit to the Grandparents home and the kids being a bunch of knuckleheads, and well you know they just have to be shared.
Trying to get a group shot of them is almost next to impossible .
One, maybe two people are in place and someone does this...
Or pokes another and acts all innocent.
Or looks the wrong way.
We always take pics in the front of the house...This time we thought we would "mix it up" a bit, live on the edge and go for the back of the house.
'Cus that is how we roll, crazy like that.
At this point I just gave up, you get what you get and you like it.

Carter does not like it when they wrestle, makes him very nervous. Plus I think he got plunked in this one.
Worse thing for Sam is when Sophia started wrestling. She has a few more lb's on him
Where you going Sam?
He looks like he is about to nail her but she doesn't look too worried. I think he landed on his butt.
Either that or trying to kick her foot.
Sam is pretty easy and VERY ticklish.
Dropped him to his knees in seconds.
Of course Carter is wanting to get into the action.

My littlest one and growing fast.

Why do they have to go and do that. Get big.
But he will always be my baby.
When he is towering over me and 20 years old.
And I am hugging and loving on him, giving him smooches.
And embarrassing him in front of his friends
by saying real loud "I LOVE YOU CARTER MOSBY"
Grandma Mary saves the wrapping paper centers, I don't care how old they are they still love playing with them.
They beat each other with minimal damage.
They have figured out that they can reinforce them, that is not good.
Not quite sure WHAT she is doing. She is fourteen, I don't think she knows what she is doing.
Ya, Carter that is not going to work.
Your not quite tall enough. Yet.
but you are going to make it easy for me
to take your sword and beat you with it!
You keep forgetting that I have Mommy Powers.

When the heck did she get taller that me?

Almost a good picture.

Poor Sam.
Sophia just wait. He WILL become bigger than you.
And that time is coming FAST.

I think I will save this one for when they are "hating" each other and remind them that they do actually love each other.
Sisterly love.

Mortified that his sister is kissing him,