Monday, April 23, 2012

Annie Sloan Primer Red and My Goodwill Kitchen

This is my latest Goodwill find. It is oak with quite a bit of veneer.

It is old but not sure just how old. Along with being old it is in pretty rough shape.

There were repairs made to it previously that were not top notch and there may have been a mirror or shelves attached to the top at one time. The bottom support was broken beyond my abilities to repair it.

The veneer had lifted in a few places so I used wood glue and clamps to reattach it.

Wood filler was used to fill in some of the major dents and broken veneer.

People ask why I did not refinish it.  The woods did not match and it was not that pretty.

See above how the door looks like different wood. Icky.

I had Bob use a hack saw and we cut off the bottom support. I don't know just how much support it was actually doing. I think it was more for looks.

Plus I wanted to be able to put a basket under it.

After a light sanding to smooth the rough spots I painted it with Annie Sloan Primer Red and a coat of Dark Wax.

This time I chose to paint the inside of the drawers and cabinet in Annie Sloan Olive.  I have not lacquered it on the inside yet. I may, just not sure.

I love how the green looks against the red.

I found new hardware at Home Depot. Finally got a deal on the hardware, $1.98 a knob.

I also needed to attach new magnetic catches on the inside of the doors. Pretty inexpensive at $1.08 each.

I love that I finally have places around my home to display the bazillion photos that I have. Occupational hazard I guess.

It is 70 inches long and covers the window a touch. That is OK with me though, this window is kind of non essential.

Loving it!

A view of my eat in kitchen area with all of my Goodwill finds.

Everything that you see in this photo with the exception of the table and rug (and cat) came from the Goodwill

Love it when I go to take a picture of the cat and they look away.

Yes, Ozzy I am taking about you. Your getting a little portly there young man.

I went to see my SIL this weekend and they have a Pottery Barn and a Crate & Barrel right next to each other. I was in heaven, pure heaven. Anyway this is the new phone I picked up at PB. Just love it. It even rings like an old time phone.


  1. Oh Krista I cannot express to you how TALENTED I think you are! Your dining room looks gorgeous! And the Buffet goes beautifully in there, it looks new! Oh how I wish we lived closer and you could show me how to do all of that. I have so many old pieces, they would look so much better after you got through with them!! LOL!!! I'm gonna be away for a bit but should be able to use my daughters computer here and there. Can't wait to see what you do while I'm away!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. HI Krista!! Hey...I am redoing two solid oak dressers. One is completly stipped and the other is a darn varnish. I also have a dark walnut headboard/footboard. I want them all the same darker color (espresso/dark brown/chocolate)...any suggestions?

    1. oops...Stripped! ha ha!!
      Becky Brill

    2. Are the pieces in good condition? Can you send me a picture of your it?

  3. Love the red. And the olive inside. Great combination. Wish I had more goodwills near me. Or any resale shops for that matter. Thanks for sharing, liz

  4. You are so good at this!!! I love that all of those furniture pieces (almost all of them) came from the 'Will!! That is so awesome!!

  5. I love that piece too and have been searching our second hand shops for one that I can get for cheap and paint to my own liking. After seeing yours I am convinced that I should keep up my search. Yours looks great!

  6. Wow, that is an outstanding transformation; it's so good to see an old, sad piece brought back to life. It looks like it was meant for your kitchen! Do you lacquer all your pieces after waxing? I'm just about to dig into the chalk paint rage. Enjoyed my visit here and will be back!

    1. Actually I do not Lacquer after waxing anymore. I was misinformed about that and had a problem with one piece where the lacquer pealed up.
      You will love the chalk paint, really easy to use.

  7. First time reader! I was introduced to 'Annie Sloan' paint briefly on Friday, so when I did a Google search this afternoon on this paint, there you were! Your buffet turned out beautifully. I am in the market for one to store all the dishes (20 of everything) I have collected over the last two years. I am always looking for new ideas to keep my home ‘inexpensively’ updated. You have made a follower out of me today. Thanks!

  8. And let me ask you another question -- I figured if anyone will know, you will. My home if 51-years-old. The original tile and sink/cabinet are still here. I am very excited now to use the Annie Sloan paint on the cabinet. The sink and Formica top are separate (it's not like how some sinks and counter-tops are one unit.) Would it be possible to somehow paint the top of the Formica and put a sealer on it. Have you ever seen this done? I saw another Annie Sloan picture where someone painted their beautiful front-loading washer/dryer a retro green. I figure if they were able to do this, maybe I can create some design for the top Formica.

  9. This turn out lovely. I love the olive inside. Looks perfect in your eat in kitchen. Great Job!

  10. Oh my goodness! I'm just loving your color choices! This is absolutely gorgeous in primer red. I think I need some! Great job!


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