Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Boys of Culpeper

Sam is home. I really missed him while he was gone.  The house was strangely quiet and I think that is funny because Sam is a really quiet kid, compared to the other two.   He went to Hillsville, VA to spend the weekend with his buds from Culpeper.  The boys grandparents have a farm and they spent the entire weekend playing football, fishing, riding in trucks, playing in the woods, chasing the cows. The list goes on I am sure but that is what we have heard so far on the way home before he fell asleep.
He is sunburned, scratched, banged, bruised and very happy to have been able to spend the weekend with his best friends. His father and I hated to take him away, I know he wanted to stay. Heck, I wanted to stay. Cannot wait to see you on Mother's Day!

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