Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt in the Neighborhood

Our neighbors hosted a Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day that was bright and sunny. (difficult for taking pictures though)
We had not met many of our neighbors being that we moved in the middle of the winter. That is hunker down time, no one seems to leave their homes. I was honestly beginning to think no one lived here. That they were all pretend homes. Everyone is out and about now, working in their yards and walking their dogs.

Sophia finally met Olivia, the only other teenager that I know of that lives in the neighborhood.
Carter was in serious egg hunt mode, he was ready to get the party started. There was candy to be found and he was going for it.

Olivia and Sophia, those names just sound pretty together.

Trying to tell Carter that he needs to leave the low lying easy to find ones for the little kids. Lots a luck there.

Little Miss R was rather intrigued by Carter and would have really like him to move over so she could sit with him. I know Carter was thinking...aah, no. Your a girl and I ain't sitting with no girl.

She finally gave up and went to sit with her brother.

Candy? Who needs candy. Rocks will work fine thank you.

Master C sitting down and enjoying a sample of the fruits of the hunt. Enjoy it now kid because you know, all candy disappears after midnight. It is in the fine print.

Renu and Arthur, our hosts.

It was so bright out that all of her pictures she is looking down. It is a classic little kid picture. You know the ones where your mom knows she is to have the sun to her back while taking the picture but it is so bright that you cannot look at her without squinting.

See? Looking down.

Sophia and Bob. I am loving seeing a smile on our daughters face againI missed it. A LOT

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Sonya and Frank, Grandparents to Master C and Lady R.

Egg races.

Carter and the girls

It's going to be tight.

A tie in the end

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The adults are going to give it a try.

They are a talented group I tell ya.

Your a brave kid Carter playing water balloon toss with your sister.

Musical Chairs. When was the last time you played?

It was a fun afternoon. We would have enjoyed socializing a bit more with everyone but we had to pick up Sam in Hillsville.

Thank you Renu and Arthur for some wonderful memories.

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  1. So glad that you were finally able to meet your neighbors Krista. It looked like a beautiful and fun day! Love Di ♥


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