Thursday, May 6, 2010

Culpeper Girls Softball

Culpeper girls softball is in full pun intended. They have struggled in the beginning.with the pitching and catching but it is all starting to fall into place. The pitcher for the Nat's is a friend of Sophia's and I love it when they go up against each other. She is quite the athlete and it will be interesting to watch her in the next few years.

Two blue eyes girls below!

A little father/daughter pep talk....

Stop your giggling Ivy.

They called her out...but I think she was safe.

From Each Day....

She is so cute! She had an awesome inning and you can tell by the big 'ol grin her face.


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  1. she was definitely SAFE! would it have changed the score! LOL Have a wonderful Mother's Day! hugs....


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