Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a few other things..

Happy New Year!

I was so excited to have gotten the Christmas cards finished, unfortunatly I did not get them in the mail until Tuesday. Oh well, better late than never. Right?

From Each Day....
My youngest was chosen to bring home the classroom gerbil named Theodore. This was a big event for Carter but an even bigger one for Ozzy the cat.  The poor cat has been about to crawl out of his skin trying to get his teeth into this little critter. Fortunately Theodore is used to being around  dozens of little kids and is not the least bit bothered by the cat.

From Each Day....

So close yet so far away......good bye!
From Each Day....

My husband and I went out for a while and when we can home we saw this. 
MOM:  "Carter, uh, what are you doing?"
Carter: "Cleaning the microwave mom, duh! Can you get me a spray bottle?"
Mom: "Whhhhyyyyy?
Carter: Looking at me like I have a 3rd head..."Because it is on the top of the microwave and I cannot get it clean."
 Imagine my confusion...they are cleaning up after themselves.
From Each Day....

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  1. Beautiful card! I love it. Also love kids cleaning. It's a beautiful sight.


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