Saturday, April 9, 2011

My youngest turns eight today.

Eight years ago today my youngest son was born.
Time flies. It is pretty amazing how you can think, ugh, will this ever pass and then POOF! 8 years are gone!

And not only is today his birthday but the day of his first baseball game.
He was soooo excited I thought he was going to burst.

A little nervous, but not too much. He headed to right field for the first two innings.

As you can imagine it was rather quiet out there, he did get one ball hit in his direction but that is it.
His first at bat was 3 strikes but there was "focus" let me tell you!

He then headed to 3rd base. Ya got to be on your toes for 3rd.

Next at bat... isn't he the cutest thing on the planet?

And he is soo sweet to his mother...wish the other two would get a clue about that nice to mom thing.

His next at bat went better, the butterflies had subsided. He connected with the ball but it went foul.

When he is really concentrating the tongue goes into the cheek.

His team mates then sang Happy Birthday to him. This kind of stuff means the world to him, makes him so happy.

Way to go Carter, great job today.


  1. Carter's birthday was the day before mine! Happy Belated Birthday to him!
    I love that age, my granddaughter is eight and also plays ball. She loves it and has been playing for three years now. You get the greatest photos Krista. I love watching them play, it's so darn cute!
    Love Di ♥

  2. These pics are so dang cute! He is really a cutie pie! I love this age. My grandson just turned 8 and boys are so much fun. Honestly I would rather raise a dozen boys than 1 girl! hehehehe

  3. BTW, give me a hollar, I have some hats for you! 2 teeny tiny newborn girl hats I made special! Can't wait for you to get them!


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