Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Going BACK to the beach!

I am desperately trying to maintain my composure and remain calm but I am failing miserably. Complications that arise from a relocation can be incredibly frustrating.

In the past week I have had 2 home inspections. One on the house in the C'peper and one in Asheville...they went well.  Septic, radon, and pest inspections all went well.
Two home appraisals that fall victim to relocation requirements....Key words...relocation requirements...GRRRR! This is hard to swallow because we will lose money on improvements we have done to the house...new floors, new bathrooms, new appliances...the list is long and expensive. Along with the drop in market values this is painful to the pocketbook.
Breath in, Breath out. This too shall pass. I think I will take a nap and try to block it all out and pretend that I am back at the beach. Pretend that I am 13 years old again.
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  1. so I take it that you are not the inspector LOL that you are the one under the looking glass and being inspected? I HATE THAT. In this state, home inspectors dont even have to be lisenced. Did I spell that right, because it doen't look right! I think I could do a home inspection and do a better job than most! I am sooo sorry...

  2. I hope that you can recoop what you put into the homes...it is horrible EVERYWHERE and working for the Board of Realtors in the office....I can feel your pain. Houses are NOT moving here in southern utah except homes in the 150 to 250 rand and then the upper end homes in the 600 and million dollar range. It is very strange. There is no such thing as fair market value anymore...I would loose big time if I had to sell...I just hope I can work until I am 90 lol!

  3. So sorry to hear of your woes. Ouch! But I love that you take yourself away from it. And I love what you did with this jaunty portrait with its tilt to the side and the border lines. Nicely done.


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