Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Packin' It In

From Each Day....

Ozzy is helping Sophia.

Things have been pretty crazy lately. The stress level has been over the top.
We are in transition. Life is in complete flux right now.
My husband is in Asheville, has been for 3 weeks. The kids and I are still in Culpeper.
They will finish this upcoming week at school and then we leave for Asheville, to our new home.
We closed on our Asheville home on Friday. Thankfully everything went smoothly.
We do have a contract on our Culpeper home. We have made it through inspection and now we wait for their appraisal for a VA loan.
The stress is can be overwhelming.
They (the buyers) cannot seem to make a prompt decision on anything.
They want everything but don't want to pay for anything.
The movers are here, packing everything we own onto a big truck.
Thankfully I do not have to pack anything. I can't. If I do it is not insured. Fine by me. Unpacking it is enough work.
Each time we move I am amazed that our life can fit in a tractor trailer truck.  The first time we moved, 13 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA to Morganton, NC we barely filled a third of the truck. By the time we left Michigan to head back to Virginia we barely fit on one truck.


  1. It appears Ozzy knows how to escape from the stress of the move!

  2. It is truly amazing the amount of stuff we collect over the years!
    I am sorry for all of the stress Krista but it is exciting moving to a new home. I wish you all of the best and just take deep breaths!!
    Love Di ♥


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