Friday, November 29, 2013

The Day After....

 The day after Thanksgiving usually meant an oyster roast at my husband's ex-wife's home.
Yes that is weird but we will not go into it.
It is a strange conversation that needs to be saved for a few beers.
Anyhoo....we would go over to her house for a big oyster roast Friday after Thanksgiving but they have since stopped the big feast.
But I am digressing.
Oysters. YUM!
Steamed oysters with cocktail sauce and melted butter.
Oh, and beer.

Eventually you stumble across a crab.
A sweet little crab that you tell your son that he has to eat because it is super sweet and tastes like crab.
He does end up looking at you a little weird, but he eats it.

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  1. Loving this on soooo many different levels........


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