Monday, April 21, 2014

Turning Eleven is a BIG Deal!

 Turning eleven years old is a big deal!
Especially if you are the one whose birthday it is.
 Some how at this age, and younger the birthday turns into a birth week.
With his dad being out of town the week of his big day it ended up being celebrated  with a cake and gifts a week later.
He was a trooper and waited without complaint on opening his gifts.
The other two chittlins would have never done that without making a lot of noise.
 But that is Carter.
Always concerned about making it easier for others and not being a bother.
His God Father Mr. Primeau hooked him up with an awesome t-shirt, he thought this was very cool.
My little rocker who can name 70's and 80's rock bands and make his dad so proud.
My youngest who asks for a cross necklace and makes his mom's heart melt.
 My youngest who keeps checking to see if he has passed me up in height, a battle I am quickly losing.
 One thing is for sure though, he will ALWAYS be my baby.

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