Friday, September 5, 2014

Bad Mom Award

So school started, oh...about 2 weeks ago and I am now just getting around to posting pictures.


Thing is I can hardly look at my desk chair without cringing in pain and the thought of sitting in it to edit photos was not what I wanted to do.

That and the fact that my kids were hardly cooperative in my taking their pictures.

 Sam has taken on the persona of a twit when it comes to having his picture taken. Full definition of a twit is a silly annoying person and that about sums up a 14 year old boy.

10th Grade. 

Drivers Ed. 

A girlfriend. 

Eats and sleeps all the time.

And mumbles. 


 Sophia of course is always ready to have her picture taken.

Starting her senior year. Hard to believe that is happening already.

I know this year is going to fly by and then she will be off to college.

Is it wrong that I have plans for her bedroom? Just kidding sweetheart, I will never change it. 

Maybe. Depends. Just a little.

 Carter started middle school this year.

A new building.

Harder classes and more work.

He is up to the task.

And growing out of everything. I know by the middle of the school year I will be replacing the uniform.

Go get'em guys.

I know you will shine!

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