Saturday, September 19, 2015

French Linen China Cabinet {Asheville Furniture Painter}

Just finished this 1930's vintage mahogany china cabinet in French Linen with clear and dark wax.

I love to paint dark pieces of furniture, especially mahogany, because when you sand the chalk paint back there is such a contrast with the wood and paint.

The detailing of the furniture really shows through.

I have also learned to shellac these pieces because if you don't the red tannins will bleed through.




French Linen has  become a favorite of mine lately.

It does help that gray is a hot seller right not.

After sanding china cabinet for over an hour to get the surface really smooth I waxed with a mix of dark and clear wax.  

Even though I love working with Annie Sloan waxes and paint I am not a purist.  I have been using Johnson's Past Wax and mixing it with ASCP Dark Wax lately and I kinda like the results. The bonus is that it is not nearly as expensive.

Fortunately this piece had all the original hardware and the scroll work on the glass doors was in excellent condition. This is a good thing, because honestly,  the scroll work is a PAIN in the rear to paint.

To add more character to the finish I used a small paint brush to paint dark wax into all the corners and crevices.

Hope you enjoy it.
This piece is available for purchase.


  1. It really IS lovely. Question: At what point in the process do you shellac?

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      When I was writing the post I had a feeling that was going to be confusing.
      1. wipe is down with water and bleach
      2. Let it dry COMPLETELY
      3. Brush on shellac. two coats if the surface is heavily damaged.
      4. Let it dry completely.
      Hope this help and thanks for checking out my blog!

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