Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Girl

Martha. Love my Martha. She loves me unconditionally. We have our routines. I take a shower she lays on my towel to warm it up for me. I use the bathroom, she makes sure that the toilet paper us torn off and ready for me to use. I go to the pantry to get something to eat she is right there to make sure no one has poisoned my food. I put a fire in the fireplace and she lays as close to it as possible so no one else gets to close.When I go to bed she lays on the floor next to me so I have something to soft to step on when I get up int he middle of the night to pee.She secures the perimeters of squirrels. She would not have clue what to do if she actually caught one, but she sure tries. The squirrels are VERY afraid of her. Can you tell?

She does love the snow as long as someone is out there with her. We have a reflective vest that she wears  so she does not get confused for a deer.

From Each Day....
My Martha. Martha, Martha, Martha. You are such a prety girl!


  1. oh she is adorable! I loved how you describe how she is your side kick! LOL, my daughter has a golden lab that is just like her! Follows her around so she actually trips over her sometimes! LOL, ready for Christmas? NOT ME...NOT YET but I will be on Christmas EVE! hehehe.

  2. Martha is a beauty!!!!1 What a face!!


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