Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday Ride

The scenario:
The temperature was almost 50 degrees and the snow is slowly melting. The kids have been home for nine days and I was starting to go a little bonkers. My husband was out in the garage putting together the basketball hoop that we Santa brought my daughter for Christmas. He was in the Left Brain mode. Focused. Methodical. Get 'er done mode. He gets like that, he is an engineer, he is Left Brain.
So when I went out in the garage hopping from foot to foot saying lets go for a ride, huh, huh, wanna go for a ride. Let's go right now. Can we? Can we? And his response was "give me a half hour".  I felt like the kid who just lost his kite in the tree. Boy he must be focused because when it comes to riding he is like an addict, he will look for any excuse to ride any time of the year.
Well two minutes later he came in wanting to go for a ride...hehehe, he is sooo easy!
The planning:

There always has to be a plan. I am always surprised that my DH does not pull out an actual written check list but then he may just have it memorized. Focused. Methodical.
When I ride I like to know that there is a destination in mind whether it be a landmark, park or preferably a Starbucks thats all. I am happy with that. We picked our destination, somewhere close because we I knew it was going to get cold fast. My husband has the heated gear. Electric heated jacket, gloves and heated grips. Along with the pants, full face helmet...yada, yada, yada.  I have, hold on to your shorts, the long underwear I used to wear in middle school when I went skiing.  My daughter is actually wearing them now and I had to dig them out from under her bed. 
 The ride:

It was clear, bright and actually pretty warm for December 27th, almost 50 degrees. Let me tell you though, that sun goes behind the trees and it is COLD!
Even after dodging the occasional chunks of ice, the large broken jar, sand and gravel from the salt truck it was a nice ride.
What we did see though was a HUGE BALD EAGLE. He had just swooped down in front of us grabbing something in his talons and then flew along side of us. How cool it that!
We were gone for about an hour and a half.  A nice little break. We got home and the kids had not killed each other so that was a bonus.  

And I turned 1000 miles on my bike. Yippee. Go me!


  1. I pulled them out of my drawer, thankyouverymuch. I miss you!

  2. Great weather for a winter ride Krista, and you look so cute! How was the coffee?
    Love Di

  3. Thank you for stopping at my blog and the nice compliment on the pictures. I used a zoom lens on my canon rebel. I want to say 17-200? I am not 100% sure. Thanks again.

  4. Nice bike - love the photo. I sounds very cold. Keep the rubber side down.


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