Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Prayer


by Nancy Burr

It’s Christmas time again for all,

It’s time to celebrate.

I pray you feel God's peace with you,

As you shop and decorate.

I asked the Lord to stay with you,

And take away your stress.

And through the busy days ahead

That He’d help you find rest.

I pray you feel his love surround you,

Everywhere you go.

For He came down that Christmas night

So His love you’d know.

I asked the Lord to fill your soul,

With joy beyond compare.

And that you’d know without a doubt

How much our Lord does care.

We know God cares an awful lot,

By what He did that night.

He sent His Son to save our soul

And to be our guiding light.

I pray that in the coming weeks

You’ll feel our Saviour near.

That you will draw Him close to you

As you celebrate with cheer.

I knelt and ask our Father God

To lead you through these days.

That you would honour Christ His Son,

By giving Him your praise.

I pray you keep your eyes on Jesus

Throughout the Christmas season.

So this year let's keep CHRIST in Christmas

Cause Jesus is the reason.

So celebrate this joyous time

With family and dear friends.

For Jesus came and brought us Hope,

And a life that never ends.

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