Saturday, September 26, 2009

The early morning.

Sophia and I woke up early and so that we could see the sun rise. At first I did not think it was going to be much, but silly me.
We got to the beach about 6:30, the official sunrise time is 6:58a.m.
We walked for a while.
This weekend is the Neptune Festival here on the boardwalk. This is  massive sculpture that sits on the boardwalk.
We then went to Mary's for breakfast. I had not been to Mary's in years! It was the diner that everyone went to for breakfast/lunch on the weekends. The local place. They serve the appropriate amount of greasy food and coffee after a night on the strip.  Now, granted I have not partied on the strip in many years. Kids keep you from doing that. I don't know if Sophia appreciated what an institution Mary's is.

After breakfast we headed back outside so I could watch the runners from the 3k and 5k race. I will sit on the side with my coffee thank you very much!
There are always some interesting characters. His hair has to add 5lbs onto his head.  Talk about some serious dreadlocks!
Sophia wanted  to stroll the shops. Had to ban her from buying a VB t-shirt.  I would have hated to have to kick her out of the family for buying such a t-shirt.  When you live in a tourist town you don't buy the tourist t-shirt. It's in the rule book.

I thought this one was more appropriate.

Because this is what I am dealing with and she is only 11 years old.


  1. 11 years old? She is beautiful. Oh, my.

  2. What a beautiful girl........yup, I am with you. No boys, no dating....ever.

  3. what a great day..and what a beautiful daughter!!:)

  4. You are so right on with the tee shirt. My husband always jokes and say's he would like to lock our 14 year old up until she's thirty! And than I say right, then we'll let her loose without a clue, that's really smart!

    I loved all of your photos but the one of Sophia was spectacular!

    Love Di


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