Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting rid of the stuff

Stuff. Boy do we have stuff. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I have 3 children. Before they are even born they have more stuff than they will EVER use or need. I have gotten rid of all the baby stuff and have whittled their things down considerably in the past few years. What remains is my stuff. Actually let me clarify that.

My mothers stuff.

First thing to understand is my mom lives in Minnesota. I live in Virginia and all her stuff miraculously makes the trip to Virginia.

My mothers stuff. All the stuff that my mom no longer wants. Things that she could not bring herself to donate or sell in a garage sale. If she gives it to me she is not actually getting rid of it. Passing it on to her children, she says. So I accept it. I don't want to hurt her feelings. Well, actually I am usually excited about it then is sits in my house and I say "What the heck am I going to do with this?"

My mother feels I need Christmas stuff. I have enough Christmas ornaments and items to decorate SEVEN, yes seven Christmas trees. I have Christmas dishes by Lenox for 24. Now mind you, I have had Christmas at my house only....NEVER! Last year I did not even decorate for Christmas because we went to my mothers house. Which brings me to another story....

We went to Minnesota last year for Christmas. My brother was like "Julie the Cruise Director". We were going to go skating, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling. My mom was so excited. She was excited that her grandchildren were coming to MN for the first time for Christmas. Guess what she was more excited about. We were coming to MN and bringing the trailer to take more stuff back to Virginia. My paternal grandmother passed away a year previously so I had all of her stuff if my mother's garage and it was time for it to make the trip to Virginia.

My husband swears I have Clampets in my bloodline. I am beginning to agree with him.

So the purging begins. I am being ruthless. The 2o wineglasses I bought 6 years ago for my son's outdoor Christening party. The 2 silver chaffing dishes that were wedding presents...never used. Brand new placemats...sets of 4, I have 5 in my family.

When I cleaned out my grandmothers house, out in the garage was a 50 gallon drum. In that drum were collectibles wrapped in old bedding. Going. I don't want them. I am tired of the weight from stuff.

I wonder if I can sell 3 chidlren and 2 dogs. All their stuff would be free.


  1. Oh yes the stuff! When my two oldest moved out 13 and 10 years ago, I made sure all of the "Stuff" they had went with them along with some extra "stuff" of mine that I thought they may need. And that is how I still get rid of my stuff! Also the husband and I go through the "stuff" once a year and get rid of things. We are pretty good right now.
    You see this is why your mother gave you her "stuff" ! Love Di

  2. I don't think I can wait until my kids move out. My husband is just scared to think of what will happen when my mother passes away.

  3. LOL that is hilarious! I have a big plastic bin, it started out as a box my treasures of trash since before I was married 39 years ago. We have moved from SLC to Wyoming, to Missouri, to SLC then souther Utah. This bin has traveled with me for 39 years, I threatend my husbands life then he was never to touch it or throw it out! LOL he is the one with STUFF! a garage full of stuff! useless STUFF at that! I loved your post today... being said, one mans trash is another mans treasure! OF IF THIS STUFF COULD TALK! what tales and stories it could all tell! LOL too funny! good luck with bringing home a little more! lol

  4. We just unloaded a ton of STUFF today .....had a lawn sale.
    And we still have too much STUFF.


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