Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying to remain positive...

Trying hard to remain positive, but it's getting difficult to do so.

I have recently gone back to work. I really like the work that I am doing and I wish there was more to keep me busier. I am very capable in this position. I get things done, do it well and efficiently. Unfortunately one of my superiors thinks I am an 12 years old and need to be micro-managed.This is very frustrating to me.

Before I was married I was the office manager for 5 separate entities. Responsible for payroll, AR, employees etc. so I have the experience to be the office assistant in this office. It was made abundantly clear that I am only an assistant. I personally don't care what they call my position but apparently it is VERY important in my line of work.

I do have to say the experience is teaching me something about my daughter and how I need to handle situations with her differently. One of the hardest things I have found as a parent is to let my children have more freedom. I am not a helicopter parent, I do not hover over their every move but I do tell them to do things a certain way. Meaning...cover the spaghetti in the microwave so it does not explode and make a mess. To me that means I don't want to clean it up so do it right the first time. To them it means I don't think they know how to heat food up in the microwave and they need to be told how to do everything. I guess I need to let them make more mistakes and find out things on their own.
Although on a funny note my daughter heated up pizza rolls in the microwave for 9 1/2 minutes. Broke the plate. Filled the house up with smoke and 2 weeks later is still smells like the inside of a bingo hall.


  1. I think this is THE hardest part of being a parent! I'm doing it (probably not as much as she wants) and its gut wrenching. But, they need to fall, stumble or run into that wall when we are still there to provide the safety net (even if it's slightly camouflaged so they don't "see" it).

    Hope the job gets better!

  2. NALT - some blog friends and I are getting together to go on a photoshoot in Baltimore next month. I wanted to extend an invite to you to join us!

    I tried to send you an email via the emai button on your profile - didn't work. If you would like, just shoot me a message on my blog with your email address (and since I have to approve all msgs. I won't post it!).

  3. that is hilarious! Sorry! LOL but that is sooo true! I hate that when you have BTDT (been there, done that) there is ALWAYS someone and I say this because I think THEY FEEL THREATENED by you that has to throw their weight around and think to put you in YOUR place. Just let it ROLL! GO with the flow. Because YOU will probably in HER position before you know it! hehe

  4. I'm laughing at the smell, and I know I shouldn't. My boss is a micromanager, too. We can all do our job, and do it well. But we've been micromanaged for so many years now that so many of us have lost confidence. And I have more workplace apathy. Just a little bit. Hope it gets better for you. It's not easy at all.

  5. You guys are awesome....I feel so much better already after reading your comments. Blogging is therapy and much cheaper that Retail Therapy.

  6. O.K., My Katie is 14 and is still very intimidated by the microwave. Why I don't know. But she is getting a little better.

    About the job thing, sometimes we need to be brought down a notch. I don't think that we should feel that anything is beneath us. I found myself having to clean up after other people for survival. Be grateful that you aren't cleaning other peoples toilets.
    Love Di

  7. Oh I don't feel that this is beneath me,I said I like what I am doing. The point of the blog was more about how we treat people and giving them credit that they are ABLE to do the job because they are capable of doing so.


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