Friday, January 22, 2010

Suprising Interruptions

Interruptions come when we least expect them. Some can start out as completely frustrating.....

Bobby and I had been dating for about a year and a half and I was starting to get a little twitchy.  He had returned to school for a second round of college and graduation was just around the corner. We had been doing the same thing for a while, which was completely understandable. He was in school and working. I was working a job that I HATED. And did I say I was getting a little twitchy.

The weekend of December 13th was a busy weekend. Bobby was graduating from college, his birthday was that weekend and as a congratulatory gift we were going to a B&B for a night.

Being the twitchy girlfirend at the time I picked a fight, nagged or did somthing I don't remember.  What I did do though on that SAT. morning that we were going to the B&B was storm out of the house, get in my car and leave.  I was not going to the B&B. OK, so I drove around the block mad and parked just a few houses away. I did not have anywhere to "storm off" to. Storming off and then sitting in your car sobbing loses its impact after you have been there a while.

After staring at the house for a while I notice that Bob is loading the car with his things, he is going to the B&B  anyway. EXCUSE ME?  Not without me you are not! I'll teach him, I am not going to give him his graduation present, I am too mad, Humph! So we ride up to the B&B. Me, with red swollen eyes and stuffed up head from crying. Him acting kind of smug. M, feeling like a buttinskee for ruining our day. Him, kind of quiet. Me, staring out the window. Him, level headed and calm. Me, exhausted from crying. We check into the B&B, go out for dinner and then head back to the Inn.

When we got back he was quiet, things were not back to normal and I felt terrible for over reacting. So what does he do? He give me a gift. Now I really feel like a schmuck 'cause I left his birthday/graduation gift at home. And what does he ask me when I open the gift?  Would I marry him?

He had a plan. He knew what was at the other end of all the frustration. He had a plan that was going to change my life for the better.

Hmmmm. Just like God has a plan. God knows something we don't know.

I was impatient. I was frustrated. But Bob had a plan.

Interruptions can be good. They can be suprises. They can be intense. They can bring laughter during a stressful day.

Carter will come up to me while I am doing something "important". Interrupting me to give me a hug and to say he loves me. This allows me to experience God in a new way.

When feeling over whelmed God will suprise us with joy. Little reminders occur and when we hang onto God he will bring us to something amazing right around the corner.

This utube video is a great interruption. Take time to watch it. It is worth it.Dancing in the train station.

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