Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodwill Lamp Refinishing

Sam needed a new lamp for his room and I saw several at the Goodwill. They were relatively inexpensive at $3.50 with no shade.  I thought I would try painting it with matte black spray paint.

I wiped it down with deglosser so to give the paint something to grab on to. Wrapped the top with paper and tape to keep paint from getting on it and started spraying away.

I did this slowly with light layers so the paint would not run. Once it starts to run your pretty done. It is hard to get rid of the runs once it starts. (OK, I just made myself laugh)
I then went to Home Depot and bought a lamp shade for $14.00. I probably could have found one for cheaper but I was there and I liked it.
I also had to buy a finial for the top $3.99 and a harp for $1.50 so lets just round it up to about to a total of approximately $25.00. Not the best deal around but I like knowing that money went to the Goodwill and I was keeping something out of the landfill and it gave me a project.
This is my beautiful painting suit that helps keep me somewhat clean especially when I am sanding wood. I have gotten a little too much paint on too many clothes. I look like Corn Holeo.


  1. LOL - love the paint suit! The lamp turned out really nice! It looks way more expensive than $25!

  2. I agree with Sarah -- the lamp looks gorgeous. Since it looks so solid, it will probably last much longer than a "new" one. I am a big fan of buying old things from Goodwill and refurbishing. Such fun!


  3. The lamp looks great Krista! I think the paint suit is cute. I have an old tee and capris covered with paint spatters that I always wear.
    I've been working on repainting my mom's old ,round picnic table and Adirondack chair. All I did was rough up the old paint with a
    sander and am using paint for outdoor wood furniture. I hope it comes out alright. So far the table looks good. It's a lot of work with all of the little cross pieces underneath. I've been doing it in the garage so it's taking some time. I will post a photo of before and after when I get done.
    I think you would have done a much better job! Love Di ♥


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