Sunday, March 18, 2012

This and That

This was my living room last week. Who doesn't want a fridge and a gas stove in their living room?

They have sealed off the kitchen to keep the dust from sanding to a minimum.

A kitchen table in the front  of the front door. Why not. 

The china cabinet had to be moved four feet away from the wall. Thankfully I did not have to empty it and was able to slowly slide it away from the wall.

To get to the upstairs you had to climb over the railing. I tried to catch Bob on the sly.

Carter had baseball tryouts last Saturday so Bob and he did some warming up before hand.

Tryouts are pretty basic. They show how they are able to catch pop balls. Grounders. Hitting. Throwing.

Everyone who tries out is picked. No one is eliminated.

The coaches then have their roster of who they would like on their team and have their draft. At first I thought what a ridiculous thing, why are you having little kids tryout for your team. It is actually a good thing.

It evens out the team so that one team doesn't get all the really good players and one team gets all the beginners.

He is pretty cute, I would pick him for my team!

Here they are waiting for their turn at bat.

He hit the ball and Mom was relieved. I don't care how much you tell yourself "as long as they have fun" you still want them to whack it out of the park.

Later on I went to pick up the boys at a friends house.  She is so cute.

Sam trying to come to terms with riding his pink bike and playing with a 2nd and 3rd grader.

Or showing off on his bike, whatever works.
See those shorts and shirt?
Kind of nice right? One would have thought I was torturing the kid when I went out  to buy summer clothes. He is the worst when it comes to picking out clothes. A pain short of murder. I have gotten to the point where I select clothes and bring them home for him. Well that is what I did this time.
The result.....Complain, Complain, Complain.
I then told him to get in the car, we are going shopping. Two hours later we came home with the same clothes were were going to bring back. Pain in the ass I say!

It took some restraint not to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Walking home was so pretty, cannot wait to see that whole mountain green.

Happy almost spring! I have lots of yard work to get done.

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