Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Sister In Law Susan!

Happy Birthday Dear Susan!
Susan Enters this world on May 10th 1964
Then in 1967
Now in 2012

Then in 1966
Now in 2012
Susan on her little red bike
Susan now getting ready to try on her red hair!
Susan in 1979 with brother Bobby and sister Amy
Susan Now
Susan in 1988 in red with her family
Susan now still with that great smile.

Susan in 1967
Susan now with her sassy smile and brown hair

Susan with Uncle Buddy in 1967
Susan trying out the blond diva look

Susan in 1967 giving you those "eyes"
....and the eyes

Susan with the Birthday Bunny
And Susan with Chad
Susan with the Christmas tree...

Susan now

Susan at the ocean front
Susan by the water near her home.

The cowboy hat in 1965
Now we know where it all comes from!

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  1. Cool history of Susan. Good pictures.


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