Monday, May 14, 2012

Laila Rose Festival 2012

The Laila Rose Festival was once again a huge hit. They had record number in attendance, well over 400 people came out to support such an awesome cause.

Our family had not been back to Culpeper since October and it was so much fun to see everyone and catch up.
Jill gave the bull a good effort.
 Hard to do when your wearing a skirt and the operator is running and a sloooooow pace that your destined to fall off.
Courtesy clap.
oh oh oh, so close.
Carter sporting  a Liala tattoo.
Hey, what's in those red solo cups?

Mike thinking he can consolidate his trips to the beer tent..

And his wife is triple dippin...

Not REALLY sure what I am doing here and why I have my mouth gaping open but I am sure there is a good reason.
This is Ozzy's first mother. 
Trouble, Trouble, Trouble.
Jamie! Man I miss seeing you and LAUGHING my butt off. Girl you crack me up!
Yancee the"ranch hand" and family...I know there was a rather large cold beer in his future after this day.

The rides were rather short because no one seemed to be able to hang on.

Not that a good effort wasn't put forth.

I had to give it a whirl...
And I am very glad there was a soft landing.
Dr. Engh going for a swim!
Jax man is just growing way to fast.

After 5 hours of playing these boys were dirty, smelly and very tired. Thankfully we had the truck and they could ride in the back.
See my latest Goodwill find...$7.99. I am so excited about this and looking for fabrics to recover it.


  1. Much love to you and the family, Krista!!! Sorry I didn't get to chat more--Liam had me running the entire time! :) I think Asheville needs a visit from Jamie in the near future!!! Hahaha! Peace....

  2. That looked like a great weekend, Krista. What a lot of fun faces!


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