Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sam's Napoleonic Blue Nightstand with Annie Sloan Paint

 So at the risk of sounding like a complete nut job I am posting another furniture redo.

I found this nightstand at the Will yesterday for $6.00. It was in great structural shape but finish wise it was its usual disaster. Yucky once again.

I had picked up Napoleonic Blue by Annie Sloan a couple on weeks ago. I knew I wanted to paint a nightstand for Sam's room so I had it just sitting there, waiting.

He does have another nightstand on the other side unpainted, but I wanted to practice on a less expensive piece of furniture. Wanted to make sure that I like the color in his room. The pictures to make it look a brighter that it actually is.

This time I just painted, distressed very little with a sanding block and put 2 coats of lacquer.

Used the same hardware just cleaned it up with a wire brush.

There is a headboard for this bed but it is out getting repaired. It was slightly damaged in the move.

The lamp on the left is a Will redo, I posted about it here . The lamp on the right I redid today also. Picked it up today at the Will for $4.00. Ran to Lowe's and bought a shade for $14.99. Brought it all home, spray painted it and there you have.

I am telling you people, it does not take a lot of time.

It takes even less money.


  1. Very nice, again!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Now I just need to do the other!

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  3. I love the Blue Krista, it goes well with the room and the lamps. Are you going to purchase the headboard or is it too big? I think it would look good with the nightstands. Truthfully, I have no confidence what so ever in myself to do that with furniture. It's a shame because I have several old pieces that would look sooo nice with a redo!!
    Love Di ♥

    1. I have a headboard for the bed but I have sent it out to be repaired. It was damaged in the move.
      I wish i lived closer to you, I would help you in a heartbeat with it.


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