Friday, September 21, 2012

Carter's First Flag Football Game

Carter is playing flag football this fall. Talk about a sport that I know NOTHING about. Nada. Nil. Not a clue as to what is going on.
I do know that they are to pull the flags on their opponent who has the ball and they are to run to the other end of the field to score a touchdown.
But to know where they are supposed to be? Forget it.
Off sides? What the heck is that?
I know that I love watching these kids run their butts off getting exercise.
And that they play with their mouth guards during the entire game.
Chewing on them and generally messing with them. I don't think they really stay in their mouth protecting the teeth like they are made for.
Another thing I also know is the two girls on his team can RUN!
Mouth guard out of the mouth ...AGAIN.
Yes, his hair is blue.
 It was pink yesterday.

Hey dude, your missing a flag.
Nope, get use to it kid.
She gets another flag.

Contemplating BALL.

Still has his hand to his mouth while tossing the ball?
He is thinking...Where did this girl come from?
A pretty impressive leap, unfortunately he didn't catch this one.
I love how they are all looking at their feet except for the girl, she has the ball in her sights.

They won.  Something like 7890 to 456.
I have no idea.
But they had fun.


  1. Next time we meet I can show him all of Uncle Ross' surgery scares from playing football. With a little luck, he'll earn some too!

  2. I love your action photos Krista! I just asked my husband what offsides means. Forget it, I can't explain it!
    Love Di ♥

  3. How cool that his mom can take professional action photos from the sidelines. What a keepsake!


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