Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fishing for Rocks

We went to the lake today and it was incredibly beautiful outside. The kind of day where you wear a sweatshirt and shorts in the morning and then a t-shirt in the afternoon.
A few of the leaves have started to change, but not many.
The pool was still open so the boys went swimming.
We have a few new neighbors that have moved in  and only a couple more needed until we get the new swimming pool.
We  brought the  chairs down to the lake to sit and read the newspaper and let Martha swim.
This dog lives for swimming in the lake.
She lives for 'fishin for rocks'
Most dogs fetch sticks.
Martha dives for rocks.
Not little rocks, BIG rocks.
Rocks she can barely get her mouth around.

She pulls them out of the lake and drops them at your fee.
If you are lucky she misses your toes.

Luckily there were three children at the lake that were more that willing to enterain her.
She is very persistant.

We had to remind them to be careful not to throw the rock on her head.
She get pretty excited about rocks and tends to run under  them as you are throwing them.
They asked silly questions like why doesn't she chase sticks?
I wonder if they caught any fish with us throwing such big rocks into the lake?
They loved how she would pull them to shore with her front paws.
When it was in deeper water she would go under.
Cracks me up how she blows bubbles.

She is determined.
Kind of like a bear.

I am looking for rocks.

Did you call me?
What? Mud is my new color.

You called me.
You must want me to come and shake right next to you.

This line is in my way....must chew on it.

Yes we fussed at her and told her to stop.
Throw the rock!
What are you waiting for?

Such a rough life.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to meet you in October!!

  2. Do you have any idea how much I love rocks? I have rocks from all over! Your dog and I would get along just fine!! I line my flower beds with all different rocks! Great pictures Krista and it did look like a beautiful fall day!!
    Love Di ♥


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