Friday, January 20, 2012

Braces and Wrestling, What else.

 That's a big 'ol mouth isn't it? I asked Sam to give me a smile big enough to see his teeth and this is what I got.  He is just like his dad as far as not seeing their teeth when they smile. I wanted a few pictures of him before his braces.
 He is eating his "last meal" of a Sonic chocolate shake and tater tots. He is all smiles right now.
 Still pretty calm, watching a movie on the ceiling. Kung Fu Panda.
 Now I am getting the look of "MOM, your embarrassing me." You would think that they would have figured it out by now that that is my job.
 He cannot talk....might need one of those for Sophia...hmmmm.
 Tada! Just the top ones today. The bottoms go on in a few months.
 Then we had to haul butt to get to his wrestling match. Unfortunately this guy was a buzz saw and pinned him.    
His mouth felt pretty good and was not bothering him yet. But the next day he was hurting a lot and had another match that night. 
The team they went up against does not wrestle with much integrity and it was the first match in three years where I had to stop myself from going on the mat. They do a lot of uncontrolled picking their opponent up and slamming them on the mat and I had visions of him breaking my son's arm. His opponent also hit him across the face in the mouth, hurt him a lot. So needless to say I was rather ticked off. I dislike poor sportsmanship and it usually comes down from the coaching.

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  1. Has he had any matches since getting braces? I got braces too, a mouth full. I dont wrestle but I skateboard and since getting braces I notice when I take a bad head over heels fall or land hard my teeth feel kinda loose. I talked to my orthodontist and he said its normal. I have to wear headgear too from like after dinner til 6am at least and he said my teeth are always on the move now with the braces and headgear and theres a ligiment attached to the teeth thathas to adjust to the new positions so they will feel lose especially when taking a hard hit. Does he have headgear too? Its not bad once u get used to it. I wear it out of the house to late movies on the weekends and on the plane flying home on the red eye after visiting my Dad in LA.Braces are kinda cool and an added Plus is the girls say I look cute with my braces on, lol! Peace Jeff


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