Saturday, January 7, 2012

Refinished table from the Goodwill

Follow Me on Pinterest Another Goodwill find and this one was kind of nasty. 
Actually most everything I have come across at the Goodwill is on the sketchy side but it is wood that can be cleaned and sanded and sealed.
I spotted this thing and scooped it up quickly.
You think I am kidding when I say that this place is cut throat, the customers here take no prisoners. If you hesitate it is gone.
I have come to the realization that I am coming here too often when the workers ask me "How is that teenager of yours doing?'
I feel like responding "HOW do you THINK it is going? I am hanging out at the GOODWILL!"
But I don't.
I smile and give him a gentle pat on the shoulder.
He is a nice guy. He is my connection to the back room.  Psst, any wood furniture in the back room?
This keeps me from hanging out by the back door waiting for a furniture fix. I tell you I am hooked.
The windows to the back are mirrored so it is very difficult to look casual without looking like your stalking.
The people that work here bring the items out in shopping carts to stock the shelves. Do  not look in the carts and may the good Lord help you if you touch anything. It is very embarrassing to get scolded my a GW worker.
So here is my lates find for $7.50.
It two pieces  with the tray that comes off the stand. 

I threw this baby in the shower to hose it off. It had to of been sitting in some shed for a long time.
Let it dry and took out the sander. The wood is pine and it really did not look like it was worth the effort to strip it and I wanted the black to show through the stain. I sanded it smooth while knocking off some the dark stain already on teh table.

The magazine rack is for another post, it just happened to be in the garage and it reminded me that I had not taken photos of it yet.

After it was sanded I took a rag and dipped it in the stain and rubbed it on the table. I don't use a brush because it is just too messy.  I put on about 3 coats of stain focusing on the bare wood of the table. I then left it out in the garage for about a week. I wanted to make sure the  stain was very try and no longer tacky.
The sanded portions of the table looked more matte where as the portion with the original finish was a little shinier, not really the look that I wanted.

After the stain dried I applied Polyacrylic over the entire surface of the table. The evened out the sheen of the table. These picutres make it look a lot redder that it really is.

The picture below shows a little more accurate color.
My orignal plans for this was to put it in the boys room for thier Wii. I purchased castors for the bottom so that it could easily be moved but realized that it was going to be too low to the ground for the tv to sit on.
It was only an hour of labor. Not too bad.
So for now it is in the front room.
Looks pretty good don't cha think?


  1. It is beautiful and a perfect fit as a side table inbetween your chairs!

  2. WOW,that looks great!!!! I used to work with wood. I've built bunk beds, chest of drawers. Trundle beds and modified my house adding doors, decks, windows. I kinda got lazy in my later years however. What you've done is wonderful and I love the way you've preserved the original concept and tone of color on the table.

  3. Yes Krista it came out very nice! I'm thinking you should refinish several pieces and then sell them!
    Really this has given me the urge to try. I have plenty of old furniture of my own that could use a new look. And I have possession of my sons mouse sander!! Love Di ♥

  4. Di... finishing the first piece (Sam's dresser) was HUGE, it really gave me a lot of confidence. Give it a go. I was intimidated by the stripper and was worried about ruining the furniture but figured I only paid 15.00 what did I have to lose.


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