Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wild Rice Cheese Soup

This picture has absolutely nothing to  do with this post. I just wanted a really cute kid to look at while I was typing! Just sweet isn't he? Could eat him up.

My girlfriend in Minni-sooo-tah  wanted a cheese soup recipe and this one is so good. There is nothing low cal about it and that is what makes it sooo good.

Wild Rice Cheese Soup

6 cans of potato soup (you can use generic)
6 pints half &half...(yes 6 pints, you can use half milk, half cream)
21 slices of American Cheese
6 slices of bacon
4 cups COOKED wild rice
1 medium onion

Cut bacon and onion into small pieces and brown until bacon  is crisp, drain grease. 
Add all ingredients into a large kettle.
Simmer slowly until cheese melts.
Add wild rice, low heat. 
Will burn easily if not watched


  1. Yummy! You had me at rice. I've always loved rice AND soup and you put them together. Wonderful!!!

  2. Makes me tear up and miss you more that you posted this cute face!!

  3. Jill..will hopefully see you in a week! I am not sure who is more excited, the kids or me?

  4. You could call this heart attack soup!!!
    OMG.....but it does sound delicious!

  5. Hilary....totally. But it is soooo good.
    Eat it with crusty bread....hmmm.


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