Wednesday, December 26, 2012

“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”



“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”

This is their mantra.

How beautiful is that.

Elise and John  Van Arnam were my son's soccer coach this fall.
A wonderful, positive, encouraging pair.
I loved that they had such a positive influence over my son.
The kind of people you want in your life.

Elise and her friend started a business call SoulKu.  This is the link to see the product and purchase. 
 It's a little blurry  (snagged it from their website)

They created these beautiful cards to pass on to others to encourage connecting with people that we meet.
         Each product is created to bridge the gap between wanting to say/do something kind and actually doing it.

We are interacting with people constantly but how often do we really acknowledge when someone really touches us personally.

They also have blog of photos their sharing here.

So Elise gave me these and I have had them on my desk for far too long.
Because I loved them so much, they were so wonderful that I wanted to do something really special with them.
Well that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?
 The New Year is almost here and I cannot think of a better way to start it off.

“Give. Inspire. Connect. Receive…Pass It On.”

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meeting Santa for the first time

I had a photo shoot last week to do a company Christmas Party. I love these kind of jobs because it is all candid photos  and little kids. Well there are a few adults but for the most part kids and the Big Guy!

Some kids want nothing to do with him.
Some will sit on this stool, right here.
Close enough thank you very much.

Happy to be in mom's arms because that guy is pretty scary to a three year old.

But then something really sweet happens.

Isabelle meets Ivy and starts to tell her all about the BIG GUY.

Ivy is skeptical but listens.

Isabelle is an old pro now.
She has experience with the BIG GUY.
I will take you to him.
It will be OK.
He is right over there, I will show you.
We are going to go meet Santa Claus.
Ivy is a little nervous but I will take care of her. Promise.
It's a long walk without mom but Isabelle is going to take care of her.
Stinky boys are blocking the way but they patiently wait.
You cannot rush these things you know.
Isabelle waits for Santa to be done with the stinky boys and tell him about her friend Ivy.

Well Santa is so excited to meet Ivy.
He gently tries to encourage her to come closer so that she can tell him what she would like for Christmas.
Ivy is nervous so Isabelle takes her hand and encourages her.
Telling her it is okay.
Just sit on the stool.
Or you can sit on his lap.
Santa senses her reluctance, but is patient.
We can talk right here.

Isabelle bravely climbs up onto Santa's lap.
This gives Ivy the encouragement she needs.
It is all good.
Everything is OK.
My friend showed me the way.
They chat.
They talk about Christmas.
About whether she has been a good girl this year, which there is no doubt.

She tells him about her brother,
but that will obviously have to wait until next year.
Because she will be experienced in these this area and will show him the way.

Smartrac Christmas photos on smugmug  here is the link

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Words from a nine year old

This little monkey wrote this for school, obviously before Thanksgiving and I just found it now.
I wanted to share this with you even though the Thanksgiving has passed. All spelling and punctuation is as written.
Thanksgiving reminds me of all the things I'm thankful for.  I appreciate family, God and, school.

I'm especially thankful for family because they care for me and give me love and keep me alive. They provide me food and shelter.

I also appreciate God because in my world he created life and made the world. Without him we wouldn't be here now.

Finally, I'm grateful for school because if i stay in school I will get a good education and maybe a job.  And with a job then i get money to keep me alive.

As I enjoy this holiday season. I relize that I have may reasons to be thankful. Family, God and school are very important to me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wrestling Season Has Started

Wrestling season has started.

With two kids in the sport it makes for a very busy season.

This OK, because I really love watching them wrestle.

But let me tell you it is stressful.

It is great when they are winning.

Because you are so happy for them.

Relieved actually

If they are losing, well that is a whole different story.

There are matches that they will lose.

Their opponents could be stronger and better trained.

Or they could just be a dirty wrestler. (does not happen a lot)

The ref could miss something or choose not to call it.  (as a mom you think this happens more than it really does)

That is really hard to watch.

Especially when they are putting it all out there.

There is no equipment.

There are no team mates helping you out.

It is one on one with strength and skill.

When they win you are so happy and so RELIEVED.

But when they lose, well we just won't go there.

P.S. My kids are in the green.

Way to go guys! So proud of you both.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Motivation

Saturday morning.

It is really pretty outside right now and I am stopping myself from going out in the garage and painting the 2 huge dining room tables I have sitting out there.

They are taking up an incredible amount of room and I would really like the space back.

But I must get the Christmas stuff up.


And the kids always want to help. I try to encourage them to go play in traffic while I am doing this but it does not seem to help.

I did do a little Christmas shopping yesterday.

Why is it that shopping any other day is no big deal but Christmas shopping can leave you exhausted and laying in the aisle having a temper tantrum.

I went to one store and by the time I was done I was practically in the fetal position mumbling incoherently.

I left the store, came home and hid the presents that I had purchased and went out to the garage.

I wanted to finish this crazy little table.
This little three legged table is just a little different from the others.
I really liked the big chunky ornate leg. I think it may be from an antique organ or piano.
But honestly I have no idea.
It is a little funky and a little strange.
I felt a little sorry for it sitting in this warehouse and no one buying it.
Kind of like a three legged dog.
So I bought it.
Why not.
I painted it in French Linen and waxed it with a combination of clear and dark wax.
Not too bad.
The French Linen is a lot like the Paris Grey but darker.
 The before....
With just paint...cell phone photo...sorry
And waxed....
Well I am off to put up the tree...there may be alcohol involved.