Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweet Baby Henry

 Little Baby Henry...
They don't get any cuter than this.
Five days old, can you not just smell that wonderful new baby smell.
Makes every mom weak in the knees.
 You just want to stare at him all day long.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Savannah Waterfront for the Day

 Bob and I are on vacation in Tybee Island, GA for the week which is about 15 minutes from Savannah. 
A week without the kid. Feels kind of strange not having them around. Have to say I am missing them.
Did I just say that out loud? Shhh, don't tell anyone.

We took the day and went into Savannah to play tourist by taking a carriage ride through the historic sites.

Do you recognize the church steeple above? Can you name the movie?
How about the pub below?

 The trees in the area are so prehistoric looking.
 Living Oaks.
What is kind of creepy about it also is that so much of Savannah is built on top on cemeteries.
Eeewww, I know.
I guess the reason is that the mass graves for from the plague and they were concerned about unearthing the disease.
That would explain the ghost tours they give at 11pm.
I will pass, thanks.
The waterfront was very cool.
Very cool is that they allow you to stroll with travelers. They have to be in a plastic cup, but who cares.
 Wet Willies gives you frozen libation in a plastic cup.
20oz plastic cups, thank you very much.
Martha also enjoyed the attention she was receiving but just could not understand as to why we would not let her jump in the river...silly dog.
Probably because there were HUGE ships going through?

Any hoo, we had a great day.
Martha was exhausted and so were we.

I am curious to see who gets the trivia question.
No cheating!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Antibes Green with Wax

 This was my first time using Antibes Green by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
 I really like the bright color of the green, it is a change of pace from the subdued colors I have been using.

These end tables were originally a vanity that had been cut down. The vanity top was removed, leaving just the drawers.

It needed a light sanding on the top because it had old furniture crud on it and I wanted a smoother finish.

Other than that all I did was give it two coats of Antibes Green.

I used a sanding block over the entire surface after I painted it and used a heavier hand on the edges to remove the paint down to the original surface.

When you read suggestions from the Annie Sloan web site about sanding it suggest sanding after you apply wax. This does work but what I have found is that it mucks up my sanding block and the sanding blocks can get expensive if you have to throw them away after one use. So I sand before I wax. It does generate a lot of dust so I do this outside in the driveway.

The wax I used this time was different from what I normally use. I used two parts clear wax and one part dark wax and combined with a stir stick. The difference is that is gave it a little color without overtaking the green. It also brought out the distressed edges.

The wheels are original but the drawer pulls are new. I tried using a brushed nickle finish but it did not look right. It needed the dark knobs to bring out the distressing.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to make a Balloon Arch


If you have ever done any fundraising, or decorating for a party at your childs school,  been to a school dance, done anything that has anything to do with kids you know that balloons are involved.
If you have ever been in charge of decorating for these functions you know just how expensive it is to pay someone to make a balloon arch for your celebration.
Really big bucks.
So many that I could not justify paying someone to do it for our last fundraiser.
I knew I could make one cheaper.
These directions are NOT FOR HELIUM BALLOONS. You could use helium but that is what makes it so expensive.
Heliums costs bucks!
I will try and walk you through this as clearly as I can.
I will also tell you where I messed up.
First you will need to go to the hardware store and buy the following
Twp     1/2 inch by 12 feet PVC piping.
One      coupling to join the two PVC pipes.
Two      T-brackets for the base
One      6 foot board 1x6 I believe...have them cut it in half, they will do this for free.
Four      bags of sandbox sand
two screws to attach the T-brackets to the boards
Duck Tape
You will also need approximately 100 balloons, 12inch helium balloons.
A Drill
An Air pump to blow up the balloons. I used the air pump that we use to blow up our beach toys
A piece of cardboard for a guide
Clamps to clamp the cardboard guide to a table.
The first thing you need to do is to start blowing up your balloons. You DO NOT WANT TO BLOW THEM UP TO THE FULL 12 INCHES.
 If you do, they will pop. I promise.
So that you will get uniform balloons cut out a shape like the below photos.
This guide is very helpful.
Don't poo poo it.

Blow your balloons up two at a time and then knot them together so that you create sets of two.
Best if you put the same colors together.

Once you have a bunch of double balloons created tie TWO sets of TWO together by twisting them around each other. This creates QUADS. When you twist them together they are "locked" together and do not come undone.

The picture above shows Kristen twisting two sets together creating a quad.

Once you have a bunch of quads created you then attach them to the PVC pipe.

To assemble the PVC piping:
Take the two 12foot sections and join them together using a coupling showed below.
I then took white duck tape and wrapped it around joints so it would not come apart. I did not glue it because I wanted to be able to take it apart and store it for future use.

I  then took the boards and used them for my base.
I used the drill to screw the screws through the PVC  T pipe to secure it to the board. Then put the 12 foot pipe into the T fitting and duck taped that together.
So now you have your quads made
Your frame is set and it is time to twist the balloons onto the PVC pipe.
Twist the balloons around the pipe "locking" them onto the pipe twisting them around each other.
 By doing this you will not need to use any string to tie them onto the pipe.
Attach the next quad snugly next to the first quad.

The arch will need to be "tethered" to make is sturdier. We used it outside and it was rather windy and I wished I had used something sturdier that the fishing line that I used, but it worked.
Just know that wind can be pretty brutal.
I also anchored it by using four sand bags on top of the board, you can see them in the bottom photo.
My base could have been sturdier and I should have paid more attention to my placement of the color of balloons but hey, it worked.
The best part of this whole thing was the cost.
I spent $9.50 on the piping and supplies and the balloons were $11.00 for 100 balloons.

Because I had the pump and did not have to blow each one up by my own breath we made this is less than an hour and a half.

Yes, it could be fine tuned and be made better but it gives you an idea of just how easy it is to make.

If yo have any questions please ask and I will try and help you out.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aubusson Blue Dresser

 Aubusson Blue, Oh Aubusson Blue.
You are my new favorite.
So soft.
When I add the dark wax to you your distressed edges you compliment each other so nicely.
Paired with the Cocoa you are so lovely.
Aubusson Blue by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
OK, well I know you are going to be absolutely amazed at where I picked up this piece.
 It is somewhere different.
 I have never found a piece of furniture there before.
 I was surprised to find it.
Never expected it.
Was not prepared, I didn't have the truck.
The Goodwill on Hendersonville Road.
I know, crazy right?
I like to live on the edge.
I am not as crazy about that this store.
 Items are usually priced too high and the employees are not as friendly.
But that is just my opinion.
On to the dresser...

This guy had a little veneer damage that needed repair but the best part was that it had all the original hardware and I just loved it.
Loved the detail of the metal work.
Loved that I did not have to spend another $25.00 on hardware.
I brought him to Bittersweet and I believe that as we speak he is on his way to Tennessee for a forever home.


Thanks for visiting.
I hope you will come back?
I would like to see you again.
I have a lot of furniture that I have finished up and am getting ready to post about them.
I will have time since I am on vacation.
Until tomorrow, because now I must go make a Bloody Mary because it is 12:01 and I am on vacation!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sophia and Mia, ACRHS Homecoming 2012

 Homecoming at A.C. Reynolds High School was this weekend.
Hard to believe that the little girl in the photo below is grown up enough to be my daughter above.

The saying that time really flies, is true.
Although there are times when is seems to go backwards, that we will never get beyond what is happening at that moment

My daughter who is strong enough pin the boy above is the beautiful young lady in a dress and heals with make-up and jewels.

The little girl with the black eye from the neighborhood boy (HE is a TWIT) is the stunning young lady below.

Hopefully not taking themselves too seriously and having a good time.
Good friends.

You both looked beautiful, I hope you had a good time.