Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aaahhh, The joys of a root canal!

Wonderful. Pleasant. Enjoyable.
All adjectives that do not describe the wonders of a root canal.

I am a chicken when it comes to anything dental.
The word dental work and dentist (sorry Dr. Shannon Butler) I associate with torture.  If I were ever captured and held hostage, threatened with dental work to make me talk I would sing like a canary. Disclaimer: Dr. Butler is not my dentist.

Shots for a root canal in the palate....OUCH!
No, I am not okay.  THAT HURT!

But don't you just love it when you are laid back with 3 different tools in your mouth and they ask you "Are you doing okay?"
I should have memorized Morse Code like the Jeremiah Denton when he was a POW and blinked T-O-R-T-U-R-E.
Ya, that would have come in handy.

Oh and then when the hygienist and the doctor and talking back and forth and you are dying to interject....
Being that I could not say anything I am saying it now.

NO it is not okay that your 36 year old brother in law is still living with his parents. He should move out. His parents should kick him out. WHAT are they THINKING.

Dentist"You doing okay?
Me: Uh,  i ckanot beath.
Dentist:You're doing great.

Threatening your 9 year old daughter that if she does not start behaving you are not going to let her have a birthday party? REALLY.
I am strict, but that is just mean.

Dentist: Do you need suctioning?
Me:  Blinking my eyes frantically
Dentist: Don't want to water-board you here. Are you doing okay?
Me: Smile. At least I think I smiled. It may have come across as a sneer but both with work.

Having the dentist describing the dental conference and new burs coming out and having your engineer husband describe it as a nerd fest. I have an engineer for a husband too! They have a lot of nerve describing a dental convention and nerdy...pot/kettle. Honestly.

Dentist: We are going to clean this out, drill this, cram something in your tooth. It is going to smell funny but that is just all the gunk. Of course this is not what she said but that is what I am hearing.
Me:  Smile/Sneer
Dentist: You doing okay?

I am looking forward to hitting the land of Lewis Carol and ignoring the pain that has entered my mouth. But then again it was not nearly as bad as when I was out of the chair and met the receptionist and she handed my bill.
Torture I tell you . Torture.

“I wonder if I've been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

Monday, April 21, 2014

Turning Eleven is a BIG Deal!

 Turning eleven years old is a big deal!
Especially if you are the one whose birthday it is.
 Some how at this age, and younger the birthday turns into a birth week.
With his dad being out of town the week of his big day it ended up being celebrated  with a cake and gifts a week later.
He was a trooper and waited without complaint on opening his gifts.
The other two chittlins would have never done that without making a lot of noise.
 But that is Carter.
Always concerned about making it easier for others and not being a bother.
His God Father Mr. Primeau hooked him up with an awesome t-shirt, he thought this was very cool.
My little rocker who can name 70's and 80's rock bands and make his dad so proud.
My youngest who asks for a cross necklace and makes his mom's heart melt.
 My youngest who keeps checking to see if he has passed me up in height, a battle I am quickly losing.
 One thing is for sure though, he will ALWAYS be my baby.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend...He has Risen, Indeed!

Easter weekend.

Is it bad that I love Holidays that don't require a lot of planning?
I had originally planned on having a small dinner at home and it was just going to be the 5 of us.
 Ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, kale and brussell sprouts.
And Jello.
Is it just me or does Jello go hand in hand with Easter?
It was all pretty simple which is a good thing.
 My in-laws called on Thursday and said they were heading to Asheville for Easter.
Of course I did not have a bit of food in the house.
And my house was a mess!
It is quite impressive just how fast one can clean a house when there is a time limit!
 But Friday things changed.
I woke up with a bugger of a toothache.
A big ol' oh my goodness this hurts like nothing I have ever felt before toothache.

And of course Friday the dentist office is closed.
I hated to call him on his day off.
But considering I had been up since 2:45am it took a lot of will power to wait until 7:30am to give him a call.
He met me at the office at 9am and my 9:15am I had confirmation of what I pretty much already knew. Abscess and a root canal were in my future.
So he loaded me up with Amoxicillin and  Oxycodone.
Every four hours.
I have been trying to not miss a dose.
It hurts when I do.
Dinner plans were changed for Friday night.
It was thought best not to take me to a fancy shmancy restaurant 3 sheets to the wind on pain medication.
I wonder what they thought would happen?
 But with the rain all day Saturday we hung close to home and this was a good thing.
We did make most of the food for Easter dinner ahead of time.
And I did take lots of naps.
 Church on Sunday morning was nice.
Unfortunately I did not take my meds prior to heading to church.
Thought maybe it may not leave a good impression with my looking stoned during church.
Wish I had.
But we have had a nice visit with my in-laws.
They are easy to be around.
It always cracks me up when people give me that odd look when I tell them my in-laws are coming for a visit.
I have to correct them by, it is okay. I like my in-laws.

 So Happy Easter from the Virginia and North Carolina Mosby's


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My cell phone is going to be the death of my picture taking.

 I've been sitting here looking through the pictures on my laptop.
It took me about 2 minutes to get through them all if that long.
I have been taking a lot of useless photos on my cell phone.
Crappy photos actually.
Snapping pics and putting them on Instagram or on FB.

 It is just so easy and I don't have to lug around my big camera.
Well, because if that I have very few pics from the last year and half.

I must rectify this.
This has to change.

I am not keeping up my end of the bargain of irritating the crap out of my kids, insisting that they smile for the camera.

I have a photo from when my mom and I went to D.C. when I was 13yo. I can still  hear her saying..."stand over there in front of that monument and smile".  By the time we were done with that vacation I was ready to hurl that 110 camera into the Potomac River. There were just one too many photos of monuments growing out of my head.

These pictures are from almost a year ago on the day we brought Betty home. Oh my gosh she was so little and cute!
 And OzMan. Miss that darn cat so much.
Now we have Sometimes Cat.
Sometimes he is here, sometimes he is at work.
Sometimes he is nice, sometimes he is mean as a snake.
Sometimes I like him, sometimes not so much.
I will start taking more pictures.
My kids will be thrilled.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break

 I am such a terrible mom.
I forced my kids to get outside on spring break.
Made them play disc golf for the afternoon, breath in fresh air and get a little exercise.
 These two didn't hit  par many times if any but they played with some style.
 Carter gave up on disc golf a while ago. He prefers to ride his bike and occasionally ends up being the caddy.

 Betty thoroughly enjoyed running around like the ninny that she is.
Unfortunately I forgot to bring treats to "encourage" her to come when called.
This girl needs some more home schoolin and I am slacking on that big time.
She was very intrigued with the discs and kept trying to retrieve them or should I say snag them and run away with them. Retrieving is not in her vocabulary.

 Besides riding his bike he will throw in a tree here and there.
 Open your eyes's the sun!
I know you have locked yourself in your room becoming one with your ds/computer/ipod but it is time to enter the world.