Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodwill Redo...Huntley Furniture Buffet

I am so excited about my latest Goodwill find. It is a Huntley Furniture Buffet that I scooped up for a mere $65.00.  Can you believe it?  When I am looking for pieces I want it to me solid wood. No veneer. I know most of you are are crazy.
 Whenever I see a piece that has been so scratched up it always makes me wonder what happened to it? Why would some one do this to such a beautiful piece of furniture? I wonder what kind of home it had and what did they store in it.  I imagine it originally lived in a beautiful home because it is not a cheap piece of furniture and it is well made.

 I brag that I found it for only 65.00 because I love finding a deal. It is like a personal challenge.

 The end result is that I have a beautiful piece of furniture. Something that I was able to make beautiful again. That I can look at and be really proud and think "I did that". It is not perfect. It was a couple of big dings on the bottom sides that I am thinking will add to the character of the piece. At least that is what I am going to say.
 So far the biggest expense and challenge of refinishing a piece of furniture is finding new hardware for it that is affordable.  I found this hardware at Paxton Hardware. They were the only company that I was able to find matching hardware for drawers that were 3 inches and doors that were 3.5 inches. Let me ask you this...why do they not use the same size for both? I mean really. Anyway, they were about 6.50 each and unfortunately when I ordered theses I failed to order enough. I bought six instead of for six drawers. That is why 2 of the drawers have no handles, waiting for them to be shipped.

Thanks for visiting....Please come back because I enjoy your company.


  1. What a transformation. Very interesting. Keep on posting. magiglide furniture gliders

  2. Wow Krista it looks BRAND NEW!!! You do an awesome job. I wish I could do that. I have so many old scratched or out dated looking pieces. I just don't think I could finish what I started. I tried once a million years ago and gave up half way through. That was back in the day when everything had to be sanded by hand. Lots of work.
    The hardware prices are really high. When we repainted our kitchen cabinets I wanted to replace the hardware. When I added up how much it would cost, well lets just say that the old hardware matches pretty good, LOL!!!
    I was wondering if this was a new hobby for you and do you resell the furniture or keep it? I think you could make a small fortune!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Great job!!!!! I need to go shopping with you one day!

    Michelle :)

  4. This is a very informative post! I usually do not reply but in this case you deserve it.

  5. I think we passed Ashville on our way to Mayberry! Now that would have been fun to visit with you! BTW this buffett is beautiful, something I would love to have in my house!

  6. Hi Krista, I'm a friend of Bob's from high school, and I stumbled on your furniture restoration while I was admiring your beautiful photos of your kids at a pool! You and Bob have adorable kids & pets! (Love the orange/white kitty!) Anyway, I'm in awe of your furniture rehab abilities, and wonder if I could send you a pic of a project that I'm going to attempt this summer. I'm an amateur, novice, first-timer, scaredy-cat! Sure would love some advice from you. Let me know where I can send pics, and please tell your husband (forever "Bobby" to me!) I said hello! THanks, Jane (Watkins) Rhodes P.S. Love your blog! Your commentary is so funny!!

  7. Hi Krista. I just recently purchased my first home. An oldie but a goodie with great bones. The owners left a 5 piece Huntley bedroom set in the master. It's in great shape. Was wondering if what I have has any value to it and is worth keeping? I love old furniture and this set is beautiful. I can take some pics and post if need be. Thank you so much, Bobby


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