Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Red Tricycle

From Each Day....

Ahhhh, to be three again. WooHoo!

Carter has outgrown his tricycle.  I sold it in the garage sale a while ago.  While I actually thought long and hard about keeping it in the rafters of the garage, saving it for the "grandchildren". I thought better of it.  The tires were bald.

All three of my children wore that tricycle out.

I loved being able to buy my daughter her first  shiny red tricycle and I knew my children would like to be able to do the same.

From Tricycles to Bicycles
From little baby bottles to big boy cups,
From tricycles to bicycles, I've watched you grow up.
I savored your laugh, and answered your cries,
I saw your love deep down in your eyes.
I cherished the squeals of earnest delight,
I'll never forget when you slept thru the night.
I taught you to walk then chased you around,
Picked up the pieces whenever you fell down.
I fixed up bruised knees, and kissed away tears,
Made sure you felt loved, and chased away fears.
Every day I watch you growing taller, and taller,
The time you let me hold you growing smaller, and smaller.
From baby bottles to big boy cups,
From tricycles to bicycles, I've watched you grow up.
I hope I've done you right by the things that I have done,
Because I couldn't ask God for a more wonderful son.
~ Author Unknown ~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forever Renovations

So this is what I did this Sunday. Finally started tearing up the floor in the kitchen/sitting room.  The snow storm has put a major damper on getting things done and I am starting to worry about getting the contractor back to the house to finish. So much time has passed. The sub floor has to come up next. It will be a lot of fun to remove because it is scewed down. Do you hear the sarcasm?
From Each Day....

The boys bedrooms are completed minus the quarter rounds. Sophia's bedroom is done, her bathroom is another story. The master bedroom is done, minus our bathroom. My dining room is half done.
From Each Day....
There used to be a counter here with a sink. Not anymore!

From Each Day....
The plumbing needs to be capped and the trim and wall board replaced.

This is my living room. It now has part of my kitchen, bedrooms, dining room and bathrooms and the rest of the hardwood flooring. Carter is trying to watch t.v., notice all the dust.

From Each Day....

It has been like this for over a month. Driving me crazy. I am an organized person and living like this puts me in a very grumpy mood. Everything has 2 inches of dust. It is going to take forever to get it clean and back into place.
From Each Day....
See the pianting in the back of the Norwegian Poet. My husband hates this picture. It is kind of creepy, but it was my grandmothers so I keep it.
From Each Day....
My dining room. The contents of my hutch are in the  living room, where the kids insist on playing "hide and go seek".

From Each Day....
The new bathroom vanity. See the top drawer? We have to permanently remove the drawer so we could get it plumbed. Going to have to glue it on the front of the cabinet.
From Each Day....
This is the new floor. Cannot wait for it to be everywhere.
From Each Day....
See this hole on the outside of the french doors?
From Each Day....
It caused this problem inside....going to have to replace the sub-floor.

From Each Day....
This is Sophia....reading her book.
From Each Day....
This is her bathroom vanity that does not fit properly. This is how they fit the original vanity. They measured the wall space properly.
From Each Day....
Sophia's room, she says it is clean?
From Each Day....
Cannot even comment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, how I wish was there.

I really could not handle one more snow picture. I can hardly even talk about snow.  My kids are finally going back to school on Wednesday with a 2 hour delay. 

I dug through my photos and came across the trip my husband and I took 2 1/2 years ago to the British Virgin Islands. We rented a sailboat for 2 glorious weeks. No kids. No responsibilities. No plans. We would wake up in the morning and have our cup of coffee on deck, check on the direction of the wind and decide if we wanted to sail somewhere. Usually it was to the closest tiki bar and beach.

This is a picture of the Boulders. It had great snorkeling and was the home of the best Pina Colada in the islands. Mad Dog. Good place. Loved that place.  Hmmm....YUM!
From Each Day....

From Each Day....
My husband puttering around in the dinghy, our little run about.
From Each Day....
Sweet Cheeks, our home away from home.
From Each Day....
This picture is of Mosquito Island. The island is owned by Richard Branson. He had just pruchased the island and was going to convert it to a Eco retreat. While we were there construction/remodeling had not started yet but is was very strange being on the island. There were buildings and furniture that was just abandoned. We spent the day on the deserted island.
From Each Day....

Monday, February 15, 2010

What has been going on...

Well for starters...we've got snow. Lots of snow.
The kids have been home so long I have lost count how many days it has been. It has been something like 12 school days missed. I have lost every bit of humor about the weather. I moved south for a reason, and this is not it.

I am day dreaming about sitting out in the yard with my husband and a Corona. Commenting about just how hot it is and what a beautiful sunset we are having. Walking barefoot in the grass and playing catch with Martha....