Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Red Tricycle

From Each Day....

Ahhhh, to be three again. WooHoo!

Carter has outgrown his tricycle.  I sold it in the garage sale a while ago.  While I actually thought long and hard about keeping it in the rafters of the garage, saving it for the "grandchildren". I thought better of it.  The tires were bald.

All three of my children wore that tricycle out.

I loved being able to buy my daughter her first  shiny red tricycle and I knew my children would like to be able to do the same.

From Tricycles to Bicycles
From little baby bottles to big boy cups,
From tricycles to bicycles, I've watched you grow up.
I savored your laugh, and answered your cries,
I saw your love deep down in your eyes.
I cherished the squeals of earnest delight,
I'll never forget when you slept thru the night.
I taught you to walk then chased you around,
Picked up the pieces whenever you fell down.
I fixed up bruised knees, and kissed away tears,
Made sure you felt loved, and chased away fears.
Every day I watch you growing taller, and taller,
The time you let me hold you growing smaller, and smaller.
From baby bottles to big boy cups,
From tricycles to bicycles, I've watched you grow up.
I hope I've done you right by the things that I have done,
Because I couldn't ask God for a more wonderful son.
~ Author Unknown ~


  1. Beautiful post Krista, The photo was adorable and I love the poem. I may borrow it to give to my son on his upcoming birthday. He will be 32, time fly's! Love Di

  2. Diana...time does fly doesn't it? My kids will be there before I know it. There are days I wish it were here and days I wish they were little again.

  3. oh, heavens, that picture is a hoot.

  4. Oh, my gosh I have a photo of one of my sons looking just like this! He was dressed, though! So sweet.

  5. Very cute photo!
    Some blogging friends and I were just discussing riding our bikes this summer, none of us could be so carefree! In fact Diana was one of them!
    Thank you for yor visit and comment, Krista, it has been a have a lovely family.


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