Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am having a day of questioning and WHAT THE HECK!

For example Good Morning America had a spot on their show this morning about Toddlers and Tiaras. What are these parents thinking? And what kind of children are they raising? I just find it so disturbing. And GROSS!

The deal with the person flipping the bird during the Super Bowl. No I am not a prude..I have been known to drop the f-bomb and cuss, but the thing is they have a contract and agree not to do this during prime time. The question was raised of should they be penalized? YES! Why? Because there are consequences to your actions.
Maybe we should put him in the time out chair and see how that works out.

I beat my head against the wall with trying to teach my children that everything you do has a consequence, good or bad and to think beyond the initial action. But then you have society and media hype that says "Eh, what's the big deal".

And another...
The political ads that are on TV right now. It leaves me shaking my head, what are people thinking.
I would really like to have the person in office to concentrate on getting this economy back in order. I do not need you in my bedroom. 
Why do you care whether or not two women or two men can get married. Seriously, why?
Oh, I know why. Because marriages like Kim Kardashian's are what is respectable. Skewed I say.

All right I am done..maybe.


  1. So Agree, Krista...Disturbing!

    Cute Photo!

  2. I end up just not being able to wrap my brain around the whole thing.

    Thanks about the photo..self portraits are ALWAYS interesting.

  3. I agree with you, Krista. Also, are you really screaming or are you just showing off your healthy mouth? haha

  4. Pffff...I have 3 kids and one is a teenage girl! you tell me! Probably lucky I wasn't three sheets to the wind.

  5. Hot damn, girl, I agree with everything you say.
    AMEN, and AMEN.

  6. The politics are getting more and more out of hand. It's mostly bashing which just makes me not want to vote for anyone.
    As for the football thing, I must have missed that. I had the game on but was on my computer until they showed the commercials, LOL!!
    The Toddlers and Tiaras always irritated me to no end. I think it's ridiculous and should be banned.
    Your not alone Krista!!
    Love Di ♥

  7. You got a sister who is single? Because if you're this together I can hope for a sibling... LOL

  8. Good on ya Krista!
    Bob's a lucky man and your kids are fortunate as well.
    We (well mainly my wife) have tried to teach our daughter right and point of wisdom I think we ever gave her is:
    When you do bad crap......bad crap happens!
    It has never failed that when she was doing something she was not supposed to......sump thing she did not expect or like happened!


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