Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sense of Humor GONE!

Happy February Folks!

I have to say that it has not started off on the right foot.
Not at all.
As y'all know we moved into a new home on Halloween and it has been a production. One that I am hoping has its final act soon.
I was starting to see the curtain coming down but apparently there was to be an encore performance.
We had FINALLY sold our Culpeper home to relocation. Done with it. Good riddance to having to deal with the relo people. ARGH! 
We were really looking forward to having  that done with.

One of the things that has been a hassle is our dryer. Just so you know, I have not had a dryer for 3 months. Since we were relocated we were provided a service that moves our appliances and makes sure everything is hooked up properly and working. To make a VERY long story short we...
Had the dryer installed.
The movers failed to convert it from propane to gas.
Dryer does not work.
Gas company comes out to change orifice, they install orifice and leave.
Dryer does not work.
Appliance repair comes out.
Dipstick gas people installed the exact orifice they just removed.
Dryer still does not work.
Gas people come back out. Install correct orifice.
Dryer does not work.
Appliance guy comes out. trouble shoots problem says he will get back to me.
Dyer does not work.
Appliance guy comes back out yesterday. Changes orifice. Moves appliances around. Leaves.
Krista does her first load of laundry and goes into the bedroom to sort more laundry and pick up. Gone about 45minutes.

Krista goes into the kitchen, FALLS ON HER ASS!
Why does Krista fall on her butt......Because the washing machine has been pumping water all over her hardwood floors!
Damn appliance guy did not put the hose in the drain when he put appliances back.

So I am now waiting for the restoration people to show up to estimate the damages.
As I am typing this I am hearing the loud pops of the wood expanding.

It went through the duct work and floor dumping water all over my basement. The basement where I had just spent hours upon hours sorting through boxes. Organizing holiday decorations. Labeling. Stacking. Moving. Cleaning.

Now I get to deal with having my hardwood floors replaced. It just chaps my ARSE!

Seriously. Really? My sense of humor, Gone.


  1. Almost the same thing happened to Jenny Matlock...she had just sold her home, was in the process of packing to move when disaster struck, 3 whole rooms involved...buyers are just happy it happened before they moved in.

    Sometimes a BIG sense of humor is needed to get through some days.

  2. THANK GOODNESS it did not happen to the house we were selling. you would have had to have me committed.

  3. You know what they say Krista, when it rains it pours. Hopefully the "rain" will stop for you soon.
    I went without a dryer for over a year (lack of finances) it had been fixed so many times that it couldn't be fixed anymore.
    Anyway, I finally got a new set, washer and dryer. Funny how we take those conveniences for granted!
    I am still dusting off and admiring my new set even though it's over a year old already!
    Good luck to you.
    Love Di ♥

  4. oh, I can feel your pain.
    You poor girl.
    Just keep saying to yourself,
    "this too shall pass".

  5. Good grief Krista is all I can say!

  6. OH MY GOSH!

    I would have had to be put in a padded room.


  7. Oh no! What a pain!

    About two years ago my dog chewed through the steel braided water supply line to the toilet and flooded our house while we were at work. Not the same thing at all, but your sense of humor will come back and the frustration will fad ... something to look forward to.

  8. Oh girl. I have nothing but sympathy for you dealing with all this stuff.

    This is when being independly wealthy could come in handy - ha Just move out until things all work!

    I hope things are going smoother now for you all!


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