Monday, February 13, 2012

Sam gets the BOOT!

 Pretty little boot Sam is sportin don't ya think?
So about a year ago, yes a year ago Sam said his ankle/foot hurt. And being of the "No blood, No sympathy" mind set so to speak I blew it off. Chalked it up to kid playing in the woods, tripping on a stick, growing pains, you get the idea. I started to notice after practice he was favoring his foot and then he asked again if we could please get his foot looked at. So we went to the Orthopedist and they took x-rays, poked and squeezed and put a boot on it. Wednesday we go for an MRI to determine if it is a stress fracture and to see if he has to wear the lovely accessory for the next 6 weeks.
 So I know your asking yourself if your at the orthopedist why is he laying on his stomach  getting his backed pricked with 35 different needles with 35 different allergens? Let me tell you why.
Sam is allergic to Nuts, all nuts and we had a little "scare" in our house Friday before school which involved Sam being seen by the rescue squad. He was/is fine. He had an allergic reaction to something we have never had a problem with before and thought it best to get it checked out. The first picture is immediately after the pricks, at the allergist. Things are reacting quickly.
 Two minutes. Getting red and very itchy.
 Five minutes in and they are all the size of a quarter except one allergen, Brazilian Nuts.
 All the trees. All the grasses. All nuts.
 All done. We start a new round of allergy shots next week. Thankfully we can do it in clusters and will only require 8 visits, they will be 2-3 hours long with maintenance after that.


  1. OmG Krista! Katie is allergic to peanuts, I can't imagine how difficult it must be for Sam being allergic to that many nuts!
    I am so glad that you took him to the orthopedist. People tend to think that it's just the older folks that have ortho problems but it's not. The sooner you find out the better. Good for you mom!
    My husband broke his metatarsal several years ago and had to wear "said" boot for six months, I hope Sam gets luckier than that!
    Give him a big old hug and a cheeseburger or whatever he likes. He deserves it. Love Di ♥
    P.S. Things WILL get better!

  2. ACK! Six months? That would be horrible!

  3. OH WOW! modern day medicine and miracles! what would we do without them! POOR kid will starve to death!

  4. Poor Sam! I'm so sorry that all of this happens. Most schools are trying to be very safe and be nut-free schools.

    Michelle :)


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