Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mike's on Main Street, Hendersonville NC

Bob and I headed to Hendersonville NC this morning to pick up a piece of furniture that I had spotted on Craigs list. He had come here a few weeks ago for dinner and said it had a great downtown. It was so nice. Amazingly clean and bright looking,

We stopped for lunch at Mike's on Main Street. An old Apothecary shop that was converted into a diner/soda fountain.

The diner is was really cool. Lots of character with lots to look at. There were quite a few families having lunch with little kids.

There was an entire wall of old apothecary jars, very Harry Potter ish.
We ordered lunch and shared a chocolate malt. It was so cute with its chocolate heart on top. Too bad the kids were not with us so we could embarrass them by drinking out of the straws at the same time.
 To tell you the truth I felt kind of bad that we didn't make them come with us.  
Kind of.
Doesn't he look thrilled? Actually he was being quite the trooper for someone who is not feeling well. He will do that. Allow me to drag him all over and then get home and I find out he is not feeling well.

I ordered a BLT which was good and Bob had the Pastrami and Swiss.  Unfortunately for what we ordered it was very expensive, $24.50 and that I can say will keep us from going back.
I have my new iphone so I used that for taking pictures today. I am not use to not looking through a view finder to take my pictures so I had some difficulty making sure they were focused.
After lunch we strolled around Hendersonville looking at the different shops. This place was hoppin with people, lots of families.  They city is doing some capital improvements on the road that will be completed in March but that did not cause any problems.
This is a hobby shop that Bob stumbled upon. The place was crammed with stuff.
A pub that we would like to try out.
Liked this gate.
This was a bakery we went into to. These cream puffs were the size of softballs.
My motorcycle friends check this out!

Chad, you will love this place.
We picked up two guitar hooks and Bob schmoozed with one of the old guys.

Much to my husbands dismay I found this place.
There was an unbelievable amount of stuff in here.

And here is why we made the trip to Hendersonville. I found this on Craigslist for $50.00.  It is in wonderful condition. I believe it is walnut but I am not crazy about the color of the finish. Thinking about making it black?

It is going to be in the kitchen and the black finish would  go great with the Ubatuba granite.
So what do you think? Black?

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  1. Great looking piece of furniture. I'll bet black will really make it a standout piece of furniture


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